Why use organic tampons?

This is our first blog in the Pink Space eek! It’s a hello, mandatory salutations and a quick intro to who we are, what we stand for and what’s to come! So many of us are trying to change the way we care for our bodies with what we eat; which is great but why not translate that into all aspects with what we use as well.

After tons of research on chemicals that already exist in many mainstream sanitary products, we wondered why it couldn't just be simple? Periods are normal and something that comes every month granted by nature so why not use products from nature.

Which is where Calico comes in, Calico by definition means unprocessed cotton which is what lies at the heart of our products. Cotton is natural, soft, breathable and absorbent everything that Calico product offer.

Our tampons are all 100% organic cotton and biodegradable, our pads are made using cotton and are bleach free, even down to the PE wrapper which is biodegradable, (awesome I know right!) We will always be looking for future ways to ensure our products can offer the most natural fibers whilst being able to serve its ultimate purpose to absorb blood. So if we find better we will do better!

Lastly the main aim for the Pink Space is to create a platform to engage with others, express thoughts or if prefer just scroll which is fine too!

So every month we will update this space with a ‘Pink Piece’ where anyone can submit a poem, thought piece, reflection, sonnet whatever from whomever about periods. It can reflect a feeling, or observations or maybe you’ve seen how it has affected your partner and how it has rendered you helpless to their pain.

So if you fancy having your ‘Pink Piece’ featured on our blog site AND winning a free Calico period box
email: thepinkspace@calicofibre.co.uk